Read More Link update

Well it seems I finally figured out how to get the “read more” link to show up at the end of post excerpts on the home page.

Problem is now I can’t turn it off. I have NO idea what the samhill is going on. I’ll have to look at some of the files on my server to see…[Read More]

This #$*(@!NG WordPress!

I thought I had the new installation up and running just fine then I discover it has the posts in the wrong order. Why on earth is it putting the older post at the top of the list???
The “default” setting is to have the newest post showing first in the list. But NOOOOO!!! This thing has to argue with me again.

So now I’m adding another post to see what it does with this one.

Why is something so simple and basic so dang difficult???

Well let’s try this again

After fighting with the host server trying to get the old WordPress installation deleted I finally contacted our host company and asked them to delete that last stubborn file. I don’t know why I couldn’t wipe it out but they removed it for me while I was sleeping.

So now I just did a full re-install of WordPress but this time I made quite a few changes to make it much more secure. I renamed some files so hackers can’t find them as easily and I added some code to the core files so it will keep a log of any site failures. I’m sure I won’t understand what the samhill the log says but if we have problems then I can find someone who knows how to read computer-ese and they can tell me what went wrong.

There are quite a few other things I need to download and install to the site but for now I’m just happy to have it back up and running. And this time I have a better idea how to use the site builder I installed. Well… at least I know how to add the header picture this time. It took me a few hours to figure out when I was working on it a few days ago.

I have a lot of learning to do I’m afraid. 😛


Ok… so now that I edited the original post from the installation it’s at the top. I’m going to edit this post and see if this one moves to the top of the pile.

Still learning…